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2021 AG Product ID Contest Instructions

2021 Ag Product ID

Attention All Ag Product ID Contestants

Please read the following instructions:


  1. *Please ensure that you allow yourself enough time to answer each question.


  1. *Once you begin, you will have to finish the contest in its entirety. You will not be allowed to re-open the contest after you have attempted to register or answer any of the questions.


*Once you answer a question it WILL NOT allow you to go back and answer it.


  1. *All questions are timed, and you will have 40 seconds to answer the (2) two questions on each page.


  1. *After 40 seconds, it will move on to the next page.


  1. *Be sure to take the test on the date and time scheduled which will be Sunday, February 28th, 2021 between 6 pm-9 pm.


  1. *After you finish answering all the questions in the contest,  click on the submit button.