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STARR County Fair
Academic Rodeo Spelling Contest

Grades 2nd – 5th

General Rules:

  • Words may be taken from the lists provided: however, to avoid ties, up to 20% of the words may also be taken from state textbooks adopted for grades competing in that division, the Merriam Webster Dictionary, or words of common usage.
  • Contest is limited to the first 60 (sixty) entrants to register through the Starr County Extension Office per category.
  • Categories for competition:
    • For each of the following grades, students will compete only with other students in that grade category. The categories are 2nd – 3rd , 4th – 5th

      Competition Rules:

      1. All words will be printed.
      2. You may ask for a definition of the word.
      3. You may ask for the word to be used in a sentence.
      4. These requests will be granted until the judge feels that the word has been made reasonably clear to the spellers.
      5. Judges are in control of the competition. Their decisions are final.
      6. At least 25 words will be called, but not more than 40 words.
      7. Paper and pencils will be provided.
      8. Participants will be issued a number upon check-in for identification purposes.