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Parade Themes - Since 1974

Starr County Fair Parade Themes

1974 Ol’ Spanish Trail
1975 Deep in the Heart of Texas
1976 Westward Ho! The Wagons
1977 A New Spirit—A New Frontier
1978 Starr County Resources for Progress
1979 The Best of Both Worlds—Our Rich Heritage
1980 How the West Was Won
1981 Urban Cowboy—Country Comes to Town
1982 Rodeo—Starr County Style
1983 A Tribute to Starr County Youth
1984 Youth at its Best
1985 Down on the Rio Grande
1986 Texas Our Texas—150 Years
1987 Pride in our Past
1988 Roundup on the Rio Grande
1989 Farm Animal Festival—Down on the Farm
1990 Silver Starr Celebration (25 Years)
1991 Proud to Be an American
1992 Pride in our Youth
1993 The Starr County Fair—an Educational Experience
1994 Starr County—Then and Now
1995 Women—Stars in the Starr County Fair
1996 Gone Country—Back to our Roots
1997 God Blessed Texas
1998 Celebrating our Historical Past
1999 Memories of the Millennium
2000 Kick’n Off a New Century
2001 Building Bridges to a Bright Future
2002 God Bless the USA (9-11- 01 Emphasis)
2003 Cactus, Boots and Wide Open Spaces
2004 An All-Starr Salute to the 12 th Cavalry
2005 An All-American Fair
2006 Hitch your Wagon to a Starr
2007 Remembering James Peterson: Farmer, Rancher, Volunteer
2008 Celebrating 100 Years of Texas 4-H
2009 Hats Off to our Youth
2010 A Good ol’ Starr County Roundup
2011 Our Youth—Our Future
2012 Blue Jeans & Country Dreams
2013 Building on our Traditions
2014 A Country Salute to our American Heroes
2015 Proud of our Past ~ Ready for the Future!
2016 Starr over Texas – Expanding our Horizons
2017 Country Pride and Family Time
2018 Honor * Courage * Sacrifice – Honoring First Responders